Contract Acknowledgements

Acknowledging Assignments

Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) processes require faculty to review and acknowledge course assignments to ensure accurate pay.

Part-time Faculty Assignments & Full-time Faculty Overloads must be acknowledged to ensure compliance and pay accuracy.  

Faculty must review course assignments and compensation to ensure pay is accurate for the term. Acknowledgments completed after the deadline set forth by Human Resources could result in disruption of the payroll process for the faculty member. Pay for part-time courses and overloads will begin in the pay period the faculty member starts teaching the course. Pay for full-term courses will end in the last pay cycle for the term unless a form for deferred pay is received by payroll or the faculty member receives health benefits.

Faculty should view the following components within their contracts:

  1. Schedule Type (01) indicates Theory/lecture; 
  2. Schedule Type (02) indicates Laboratory, Practicum, Cooperative/Internship/Externship, Field Experience, Clinical, and Clinical Intensive Coursework
  3. Faculty Level (D1=BA or less), (D2=MA), (D3=PHD)
  4. Pay rate (D1=$857), (D2=$964), (D3=$1,071)
  5. Workload which indicates number of hours for pay
  6. Responsibility Percent which indicates how much of the course you are teaching
  7. Compensation is a quick calculation by taking the pay rate multiplied by # of workload hours

Instructions on how to acknowledge course assignments and a training video are available in myCNM, under the “Employees” tab. The “Tutorials” section will be present in the upper right corner. 

You may also access the instructions here.