Part-Time Faculty Contracts

Part-Time Contracts

Contractual agreements (classes assigned) through FLAC establish standard criteria for the Human Resources Department to process faculty load and compensation on a term by term basis. This allows part-time faculty to accept and acknowledge courses online through self-service (myCNM).

Part-Time – 1 class per year to remain in ‘active’ pool

  • No term requirement, but can teach 1-5 classes per term for all three terms
  • May be offered 4-5 classes per term

Benefits of FLAC

Part-time faculty who teach full-term assignments will receive pay during the first pay period after the course begins. In addition, part-time faculty pay will not be extended through the breaks except under the following two conditions:

  1. Personal Request: Instructors who prefer to manage their income from CNM by receiving pay through the breaks may request to continue having their earnings spread throughout the year. However, the request must be formalized.  An instructor may formally request pay to be extended by completing and submitting an Authorization to Extend Pay Over Breaks Form to the Payroll Office. 
  2. An instructor receiving health benefits will automatically have their pay extended so that deductions for premiums will continue in order to ensure that insurance coverage remains intact. If an instructor who previously received benefits drops below eligibility, pay will not be extended for that semester, unless a new request is made to extend pay over the breaks.

Pay for short-term courses will be divided by the number of paychecks within the start and end date of the course part-of-term.

Supplemental Pay

Part-time faculty, with the approval of the Dean, are entitled to ten hours of pay per term to perform instructional related work outside the classroom that may include attendance at departmental meetings, orientations, Convocation, Faculty Focus Day, and CTL Training. Part-time faculty shall be paid $27.00 an hour for the instructional-related work outside the classroom. 

Other required or optional departmental activities are part of the regular workload. Instructors will receive the rate of pay per each course taught and will perform required duties on campus as determined by their Dean. This shall include all meetings, preparations, and other professional duties as determined by their Dean, other than the once- per- term department meetings or orientations previously mentioned.

Notice to Retirees With Part-Time Teaching Assignments

According to Educational Retirement Board (ERB) regulations, employees who are collecting a retirement under the ERA defined benefit or defined contribution plan may work for an ERB-covered employer after retirement but must be approved to work by the ERB. Information regarding the rules for returning to work, the approval process and restrictions for working can be found on the ERB website. Questions regarding the rules to return to work should be directed to the ERB at 866-691-2345. Individuals hired by CNM who are collecting a retirement under the ERA defined benefit or defined contribution plan must provide CNM Human Resources with a copy of the approval to return to work from the ERB upon hire.