Our Navigators Are Here to Help With Any Question You Have About CNM

Navigators are CNM staff members who help students navigate the entire college process and can help you figure out everything from how to pay for college to how to borrow a CNM laptop
June 14, 2022

Put simply, CNM Navigators provide support for students from the day they’re accepted to the day they graduate, answering any questions they might have along the way.

Gerald Romero is a CNM graduate who now works as a Navigator. He describes Navigators as the go-to people for students who are trying to find their way at CNM.

“It might be helpful to think of a Navigator as a connector,” Gerald says. “Your Navigator will connect you to all the tools and resources you need to get into classes and be successful at CNM.”

Because many of the Navigators were once CNM students themselves, they’re able to use their own experience to help current CNM students thrive. By passing on what they’ve learned, Navigators help make sure that students have all the information they need to succeed.

When asked what advice they would give to new CNM students, the Navigators offered these four tips:

  1. Set up your CNM email. If you have any trouble, contact the ITS Service Desk for help.
  2. Check the CNM Bookstore website to find out what books you’ll need for class.
  3. Get your CNM General Parking Permit before the semester starts.
  4. Get familiar with CNM’s online learning platform, Brightspace.

Navigators are sometimes confused with Advisors but there are a few key differences. The biggest difference is that Advisors are mainly focused on helping students plan their classes and making sure they stay on track towards their degrees, whereas Navigators are available to help students with anything else that might come up while attending CNM.

Some of the questions a CNM Navigator can help with include:

  • How do I send my previous transcripts to CNM?
  • I need help paying for school. How do I apply for financial aid?
  • There’s a hold on my account. How do I get it removed?
  • How do I check/update my residency status?
  • Where can I go to borrow a laptop?

CNM’s Navigators are passionate about helping students find answers and solutions to their questions or problems. That’s why they want students to feel comfortable asking for help.   

“At CNM especially, everyone here is so friendly and wants to help you out,” Navigator Karen Grandinetti says. “If you have a question, just ask. You don’t have to worry about somebody not helping you.”

Find out how you can get in touch with a CNM Navigator here.