Screening Criteria and Guidelines

Below you will find screening criteria for all Coordinated Entry Programs. Please read this information carefully.

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In Progress Courses

"In Progress" courses must be on your record with a final grade at the end of the screening term.

For Example: For a Summer 2023 pre-registration screening term, if you were registered in required courses for the Spring 2023 term at CNM, you would be considered "In Progress." Those courses would have to be on your record with a final grade at the end of that Spring 2023 term.

Before Completing the Form

You are welcome to submit a Pre-Registration Screening form for any programs you feel you meet the minimum requirements and have a strong interest. You are encouraged to research each program, attend an HWPS information session, visit the Career Exploration page, or speak with an academic advisor.

For specific program information on prerequisite courses, GPA, exams, and licensing, view individual program pages.

Complete Your Prerequisite Courses

Find your prerequisite courses under "Required Courses" in a program's catalog listing.

You can be "in progress" with the required prerequisite coursework at CNM when you submit your Pre-Registration Screening Form, but you will be dropped from a program if your courses are not completed at the end of the term with the required grade.

Your required prerequisite courses can only be met in the following ways:

  • Enroll in the required prerequisite course and pass it with a grade of "CR" or "C" or higher.
  • If a course is completed with a grade of "CR" or "Credit", this is equivalent to a grade of "C"
  • Take a Challenge Examan CLEP Exam, or earn AP Credit.

Important Note: CLEP, AP Credit, and Challenge Exam results must be on your academic record at the time of Pre-Registration Form submission.

  • Complete the required prerequisite course at another institution with a grade of "C" or higher. Your official (non-CNM) transcript must be on file with the CNM Records Office and the evaluated coursework must be viewable on your CNM academic record prior to submission of your pre-registration screening form. Any and all course substitutions must be processed prior to submission of your pre-registration screening form.
  • Processing through the CNM Records Office can take up to four weeks for completion. Processing time may increase due to high volume at certain times of the year.  

Program prerequisite courses can be in progress at the time of Pre-Registration Screening Form submission, but they must be in progress at CNM.

Calculate Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Each program has a specific GPA requirement. Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) refers to a student's overall GPA.

Your CNM GPA is exclusively used to determine eligibility for a Coordinated Entry Program if you have completed 16 credit hours or more at CNM. If you have completed less than 16 credit hours at CNM, the cumulative GPAs from your submitted transcripts will be averaged into your CNM GPA. If you do not have any credit hours completed at CNM, your transcripts from other institutions will be averaged to establish your cumulative GPA.

You must meet the cumulative GPA requirement for the program at the time of Pre-Registration Form submission.

Special Cases for Nursing: The CNM Nursing Program is required by the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) to use your calculated GPA of program-required prerequisite courses in addition to your cumulative GPA.

If you have successfully registered for a program and your GPA falls below the minimum program requirement, you will become ineligible and dropped from program courses.

Complete Your Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams and cumulative GPA requirements must be met at the time of Pre-Registration Screening Form submission. All passing entrance scores must be from the same exam attempt.

Obtain Licensing

  • EMT-B or EMT-I for Paramedic Program
  • LPN License for LPN-Mobility

Check Deadlines

After Completing the Form

Receive Notification

You will receive a notification within 14 business days of your form submission via your CNM email on whether or not you have met the requirements.

If you are notified that you DO NOT meet minimum requirements, you will be notified of which requirements have not been met. You are encouraged to review your academic records to confirm missing requirements. If you are able to meet the missing requirements before the form deadline, you can re-submit the form in order to be screened again.

If you are not able to meet the requirements by the form deadline, you will need to re-submit a new Pre-Registration Screening Form the next time the program is accepting students.

Refer to CPE Selection and Registration page for more information.

Prepare for your Program

Students who successfully register for their program will be given a time period to complete compliance requirements such as immunizations, background checks, CPR, etc. The actual start date for program classes varies. See the programs page for more information on specific programs.


PDF checklist for the Coordinated Entry Program.