Steps to Take After Applying to CNM

Complete these steps and get started as a CNM student.

CNM Navigators

Need help? Navigators are your go-to people at CNM. They are with you from application until graduation to answer any questions you may have

  1. Set Up Your myCNM Account
  2. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships
  3. Complete a New Student Orientation
  4. Know Your Placement/Testing Options
  5. Meet With Advisement
  6. Select Your Classes
  7. Register for Classes
  8. Pay Your Tuition

Dual Credit Students: Please complete these steps to get started as a Dual Credit student.

1. Set Up Your myCNM Account

Your myCNM account is primarily used to register and pay for classes, but it houses much more. You can set up your myCNM account with the ID number you'll receive at the end of the application process. For specific steps, read our page on accessing myCNM.

2. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid, learn about our scholarships and applying for them, or visit our Financial Aid site for further resources.

3. Complete a New Student Orientation

You may be required to attend a new student orientation, depending on your student type.

4. Know Your Placement/Testing Options

Get familiar with your options for testing and placement at CNM:

  1. Take the Accuplacer placement exam.
  2. Provide ACT, SAT, or TOEFL scores to CNM.
  3. Take the placement exam for Biology, Spanish, or French.
  4. Take a challenge Exams (e.g., BCIS 1110).
  5. Take the Directed Self-Placement tool (Math Accuplacer is still required).
  6. Enroll in the required prerequisite courses at CNM and pass with a grade of CR or C or higher.
  7. Complete the required prerequisite courses at another institution with a grade of C or higher and email a transcript to CNM.
  8. Provide confirmation through the admissions process of an advanced degree:
    • Associate degree meets IRW courses and ENGL 1110
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher meets all developmental courses: ENGL 1110, BCIS 1110, MATH 1101, MATH 1215, BIOL 1140, BIOL 1140L, CHEM 1120, and CHEM 1120LL
  9. Demonstrate Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) in Military Training, Standardized Exam (e.g., AP, DSST, etc.), Challenge Exams, Industry Certification and Licensures, CNM Ingenuity Training, Community Partnerships, and Portfolio Assessment.
  10. Graduating from high school:
    • High School GPA must be a 2.5 or greater
    • Students must have graduated with a conferred diploma
    • An official transcript must be submitted to CNM or unofficial reviewed by an advisor

5. Meet With Advisement

Meet with an advisor in person or by email, online chat, or phone. An advisor will help you choose a program of study and create your academic plan.

6. Select Your Classes

After browsing through our programs and course catalog and receiving guidance from an advisor, consult our Schedule of Classes to view class availability, campus location, times, and course instructors.

7. Register for Classes

After you've selected your classes in the Schedule of Classes, it's time to register for them. View helpful videos to navigate the registration process

8. Pay Your Tuition

View our tuition rates and how to pay for your classes.