Rules Governing Classrooms/Labs

Children on Campus

Children (or other non-students) are not allowed to accompany adults to class or lab. All children who are under age 15 and are on CNM’s campus, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Electronic Devices

When students are in class or a lab, cellular telephones, pagers and beepers must be turned off or switched to silent or vibration mode. Electronic entertainment devises are to be turned off and headphones removed.


Students are expected to dress appropriately on campus at all times.


Smoking is NOT allowed at any time in any CNM building. If smoking outside a building, do not congregate on walkways or in front of doors, do not block access to buildings and please be courteous of the rights of non-smokers on campus.

Animals on Campus

ADA and CNM policy allows service animals accompanying persons with disabilities to be on CNM campuses. Service animals must be registered as such through the Security Office and must be on a leash at all times.

Pets (domestic animals kept for pleasure or companionship) are not permitted in CNM facilities.

For further information regarding animals on campus, please refer to the Service Animal Policy (in the employee handbook) at