Payment Cycle

Learn about how you receive your VA benefits and housing allowance or stipend.

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VA Payments Cycle

The Veterans Affairs pays benefits on a post-payment cycle, which means payment is processed after the month of attendance is over. Payment is based on the number of eligible courses you have attended and when the courses begin and end.

An award letter is mailed from the VA Regional Office (VARO) after your certification has been processed. Dependents (in a certificate program only), Veterans, and Reservists are responsible for verifying enrollment after the last day of each month by calling (877) 823-2378 or by accessing so your check can be released. If your enrollment status changes, you must notify the CNM VA Certifying Official.

CNM is not approved for pre-enrollment payment. Payments are sent directly to you. You can set up direct deposit for some types of benefits. Contact the VA for more information by calling (888) GI-BILL-1 or visit

Monthly housing allowance or stipends

If you have not received a monthly housing allowance or stipend, there could be various reasons for this. Read the list below for the most commonly reason. If you have more questions, contact our office at (505) 224-4VET.

  1. Did you submit your final class schedule to CNM’s VA office for the current term?
  2. Has your enrollment recently changed in any way? Creating changes to the final schedule you submitted to CNM’s VA Office without informing a VA representative can freeze the certification process.
  3. Are you enrolled in any late start classes? The VA only pays the student for the courses that are currently active. Your monthly housing allowance or stipend will be pro-rated according to your rate of pursuit.
  4. Have you incurred any overpayments with the VA? The VA has the option to withhold any funds necessary to settle incurred debts on the student. Please contact Debt Management at (800) 827-0648 if you think you may have incurred an overpayment.
  5. Did you call the Enrollment Verification Hotline at (877) 823-2378 on the last day of the month to verify your current enrollment? Students using Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607 must verify their attendance before the VA in Muskogee will release the student’s funds. Chapter 35 students must also call on the last day of the month if they were certified under a certificate program at CNM.  Students using Chapters 31 & 33 are not required to call the enrollment verification hotline on the last day of the month.
  6. Have you supplied CNM Records with your official transcripts from all previously attended institutions? (Including your military transcripts.)