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Become a CNM Student

For first time, transfer, online or readmitting student, this is the process for getting started at CNM. Register for classes, apply for financial aid and more.

Other Types of Students

This process is for incoming freshman, transfer students and readmission ONLY.

Learn how to register for CNM if you are the following type of student:

Apply & Register for CNM

The step by step process for new students to register and start taking classes at CNM:

  1. Apply online
    You will receive a CNM student ID number or password at the end of your application. Print the page or save your ID number somewhere safe
  2. Set up myCNM using your CNM ID number and password
  3. Complete online New Student Orientation in myCNM
  4. Turn in ACT/SAT to admissions or take the Accuplacer exam if you don’t have these scores.
    Visit the Assessment center to take the Accuplacer.
  5. See an Academic Advisor: call 505-224-3000 for an appointment
    The advisor will help you plan your program of study or your class schedule
  6. Plan your class schedule
    Print class schedule worksheet
    • Some classes require prerequisites or corequisites
    • Classes are offered at 7 locations around the metro area and online
  7. Register for classes in myCNM
    Under Registration/Grades tab in myCNM.  If you have questions see Registration Guidelines
  8. Pay for classes
    You must set up your method of payment within 24 hours of registering for classes. Business hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday.
    How to pay for college
  9. Before/ get ready for class


Begin the registration process now.