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Emergency Medical Services

caption:Emergency Medical Services Graduates

Contact Us

BLS/ILS Coordinator
Sean Haaverson ext. 50811

ALS Level Coordinator
ext. 50131

Internship Coordinator
ext. 50935

Clinical Coordinator
ext. 50782

Jessica Medrano ext. 50253

Related Information

Interested in Becoming an AEMT or EMT Paramedic?

Due to limited seating, the following programs require that you complete a screening process before registering for classes in the program via Coordinated Program Entry:

  • Emergency Medical Services—Intermediate Concentration (AEMT)
  • Emergency Medical Services—Paramedic Concentration
  • Community Paramedic

To learn more about the screening criteria and deadlines, visit the Coordinated Program Entry website.

About the EMS Program

The goal of the EMS program is to prepare competent entry level Emergency Medical Technician Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains, with or without exit points at the Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate, and/or Emergency Medical Technician Basic, and/or First Responder levels.

Program Accreditation

You may want to consider the educational services of other EMS Programs for EMT-Intermediate opportunities, to include: