Faculty First Day Memo

August 25, 2023 memo with information for faculty about the Fall 2023 term.

Welcome to Fall 2023!

Please read the following items for information on CNM’s Web for Faculty system used to manage your class enrollment and related processes.

Web for Faculty

Web for Faculty provides online access to your class rosters and several faculty-related functions from any on or off campus computer with a web browser and internet connection. Easy to follow instructions appear on each form in Web for Faculty.

  • To access Web for Faculty you need an account in myCNM, CNM’s online portal. Online instructions for creating new accounts are available at the portal. For help accessing myCNM and computer-related technical support, call the ITS Service Desk, ext. 44357. Once in myCNM, go to the “Faculty & Advisors” tab to access Web for Faculty and other faculty-related information channels. Throughout the term, important communication will be sent to you via your CNM email account and posted on the “Faculty & Advisors” page in myCNM.

NOTE: Your User Name and Password are confidential and must not be shared under any circumstances.

Web for Faculty is available 12 a.m. - 10 p.m., Monday-Sunday. For assistance with Web for Faculty, call ext. 43208 or (505) 224-3208, M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. If you have an after-hours urgent need, call and leave a message on the Helpline which will be given priority status.


Waitlists are used at CNM to manage registration for most classes prior to the start of the term. You can view the waitlists for your classes in Web for Faculty on the Summary Waitlist form. You can also email students on your class waitlist up to two days before the part of term in which the class is offered.

  • CNM’s automated waitlist system emails waitlisted students, based on their priority order, when a space opens in the class.
  • If your class has an active waitlist, do not capacity grant overfill approvals until the waitlist has ended.
  • Two days before each part of term begins the waitlist will “end.” Waitlist will no longer be an option for students and all names will be removed from the Waitlist. You will receive an email notification with a list of students on the waitlist, in priority order, before it ended. After the Waitlist ends, students can still register until the last day to add for that class if space is available.
  • Capacity overfills may be granted after the waitlist ends and before the first day of class. Please give priority to students on your waitlist report.
  • For more information on the waitlists, check the Waitlist Questions & Answers page.

Late Registration Approval Overrides

Late Registration Approval Overrides are granted at the discretion of the instructor of record and can only be processed through Web for Faculty. Faculty cannot register students.

  • You can approve Overfill, Pre-requisite, Co-requisite, and Late overrides (approvals) for your classes. (Do not process REPEAT overrides. They must be approved by academic school administrators). Department Approvals do not clear pre or co-requisites. After you grant an override, the student must officially register for the class and print their class schedule for verification.
  • Late Registration Overrides may be granted by faculty beginning the first day of the class through the following Monday (the Monday of the second week of class).
    • The student deadlines for registering on the web with the late registration override are as follows:
      • Parts of Term that are 12-15 weeks in length (and not open-entry), “late” registration will end the Wednesday of the second week of class. Saturday Parts of Term will be the second Monday following the first day of class.
      • All other Parts of Term will be the Monday following the first day of class.
    • Contact your Faculty Help Line at esfachotline@cnm.edu or (505) 224-3208 for additional information.
  • Students granted a Late Registration Override must register through myCNM and make any required payments by the payment deadline.
  • Know your school’s policy on these overrides. For help processing an override, contact your academic school.

Class Rosters

Class rosters change daily, so refer to your Web for Faculty Class List at least once a week. Your Web for Faculty Class List is the only “official” class roster. Do not rely on CNM Brightspace (formerly Blackboard) for an accurate class listing.

  • Do not let unregistered students “sit in” on your classes. Check your Web for Faculty Class List for the roster of officially enrolled students. It is against CNM policy to allow a student to “sit in” or participate in a class if not officially enrolled in the class.
  • Emails will be sent once a week to your CNM email account about students who add, drop, or change the grade mode for your course.
  • You can download your class roster into a usable file format from the Class List form. Students can be emailed from the Class List form.

Dropping Students

Dropping Students for nonattendance can be done through Web for Faculty.

Per CNM policy, faculty are to drop non-attending students. The Drop Form in Web for Faculty is for nonattendance drops only. Drop deadlines are displayed on the Web for Faculty Drop Form and on the Part of Term page. All dropped students must have a Last Attend Date recorded in Web for Faculty. If a student never attends the class, the first day of the class is the Last Attend Date.

Final Grades

Final Grades must be recorded by you through Web for Faculty for your classes, including Audit grades of AU, where applicable. It is against CNM policy to allow another person to use your Web for Faculty access.

  • Double-check your grades before and immediately after submitting them. Corrections may be made at that time. Grade changes must be submitted via the Grade Change Form found in the Faculty & Advisors tab of myCNM (Faculty Forms channel).
  • Final grades are available to all students via myCNM. Do not post or email grades to students.
  • All students with F or NC grades must have a Last Attend Date recorded in Web for Faculty.

Final grades must be entered within two days after a class ends. The last day to enter Fall 2023 grades is Tuesday, December 12, 2023.