CNM Data

CNM institutional data is gleaned from a variety of sources and made available in a number of ways.


Office of Data Strategy
525 Buena Vista SE
TM 208
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: (505) 224-3450

ODS provides a variety of research and data on our dynamic institution, our students, and our community. These links provide accessible statistics, as well as an overview of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) and our students. The interactive dashboards linked below are provided through SAS, an analytics software. A guide to dashboard accessibility is available, along with PDF versions of the data provided.

Fact Book

The interactive CNM Fact Book contains some of the most commonly requested information about the College. Information on the College's Strategic Direction and Facilities, as well as analytics on Enrollment, Graduation, Employees and other categories are provided. An Internal Fact Book with department-specific information is available for CNM staff. The Fact Book page has archival data.

Key Performance Indicators 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measures used to assist CNM in evaluating overall institutional success and identifying opportunities for improvement. Twelve KPIs have been identified by the College, each one representing at least one Strategic Direction: Student Success (8), Community Success (5), Organizational Excellence & Innovation (6). 

Program outcomes

In addition to the graduate data provided in the Fact Book, CNM provides specific information about program outcomes.

CNM Data for Internal Use

Internal Dashboards provide up-to-the-minute data about CNM on a variety of topics including enrollment, student success, and demographics. Links to the most commonly used dashboards are available on the Dashboard Menu. Additional login may be required for access to some dashboards.

Reports on recent student and employee surveys provide a rich understanding of the CNM experience.

Submit a Request

If you do not find what you need or need further data, please complete the Data Request Form. ODS will respond to your request.