If You've Lost Your Financial Aid

If you've lost your Financial Aid, we want you to know that there are options and we can help.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Learn more about the requirements of satisfactory academic progress.


For questions regarding your next steps, contact Financial Aid at (505)224-3000. 

Need help? What are your next steps?

  1. Set up a payment plan. Doing this will make sure your current classes will not be dropped. Payment plans need your signature so this can only be done through your myCNM account under the Cashier tab, or in person at a Cashiers Office. 

  2. Learn why your Financial Aid was suspended. It was likely due to one of three reasons:
    1. Your overall GPA for all the terms you attended at CNM was less than 2.0.
    2. Your average course completion rate was lower than 66.67%.
    3. You have reached the 150% maximum number of credit hours that are allowed for your current major.

  3. Submit an appeal. If you had unusual circumstances, you can submit an appeal to keep your financial aid. If you are approved, you will have time to work on improving your situation.  Follow these steps to complete the Financial Aid appeal form:
    1. Watch this presentation. Answer the questions at the end and attach them to your appeal form.
    2. Write a letter to Financial Aid stating what your degree is, what your goals are, that you understand why your aid was suspended (including a few sentences about why you received any grades of “F”, “W”, “INC”, no credit and/or audit) and what you’ll do to prevent it from happening again. 
    3. Include a copy of your CNM unofficial transcripts. You can find them in your myCNM account or by stopping at the Records office.
    4. Include any doctor’s notes or letters that speak on your behalf as evidence of difficult situations you have had to work through to go to school.
    5. Please scan our documents and email them to

It takes up to 10 business days to have it reviewed by your Financial Aid advisor and the committee. The decision will be posted at your myCNM account on the Financial Aid tab. 

  1. Earn your aid back. If you choose not to appeal, or your appeal is denied, you can still attend. In fact, students who lose their Financial Aid due to GPA or completion rate alone (or in combination) can earn their aid back by taking courses on their own and completing them until the cumulatives are brought up.

CNM is open under a modified mode of operations. During this time, please understand that email response may take longer than usual due to the higher volume of email communications across the College. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. For information about operational impacts at CNM, visit our COVID-19 Information Hub.

CNM Financial Aid is available by phone or email. Please submit all documentation to