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CNM uses Cisco hardware and software for on-campus phones

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On-Campus Phones

Cisco Unified Communications is the current telephone service for CNM faculty and staff. 

  • Using Your Phone
  • Dial 9 to make an external call.
  • When calling a CNM phone number from a CNM phone, dial the last five digits of the phone number. For example, to call 224-4357, dial 44357 from any CNM phone.
  • To help ensure public safety, phones are assigned to physical locations such as conference rooms, offices, and cubicles rather than individual users. If you are moving and need to have your extension programmed on another phone, please submit a service request to the ITS ServicDesk for assistance with your move.
  • If needed, a wireless headset can be purchased by your department. Please submit a service request to the ITS Service Desk for assistance with your purchase. 


Voicemail messages can be retrieved using any of the following methods:

  • Press the Messages button on your phone.
  • Call the voicemail system directly.
  • Access through Cisco Jabber.
  • Locate through the voicemail website.
  • Open email messages with voicemail attachments delivered to your Outlook account.

Voicemail Reference Guide