myScholarship Application

Instructions on completing the new CNM Scholarships Application.

CNM students can submit one application for almost all scholarships excluding the Bridge to Success Scholarship and the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship.

myScholarship Application

Online Scholarship Application Instructions

Note: Please use the Google Chrome browser when completing the myScholarship application. 

Contact Scholarship Services:

Ph: (505) 224-3140
Email: [email protected] 

  1. Complete the new online myScholarship application.
  2. Login using your myCNM username and password.
  3. A letter of recommendation is required when submitting the scholarship application. As a courtesy, please contact your reference(s) in advance to ask if they are able to provide a letter of recommendation. 
    • Letter of recommendation can be from an instructor or employer.
    • Incoming freshman can provide a letter of recommendation from your high school counselor.
  4. Answer questions that are tied to specific scholarships. 
  5. Complete a personal statement which has a 500 maximum word count. 
  6. Certify, electronically sign, and date the application. 
  7. Once all fields are completed, click on Finish and Submit.

Note: If you return to your general application, please click on 'Finish and Submit' or 'Update Application' when you have completed making your updates. Students may not be eligible for scholarships until application has been resubmitted. 

Apply to Scholarship Opportunities

Some scholarships require additional information. If you are eligible for these scholarships, you will need to click on Apply.
Apply button is on the right side of the screen under the heading "Actions"
These scholarship opportunities may require additional information such as:

  1. A second letter of recommendation from an instructor, Advisor, Dean, or Program Director. 
  2. Upload a document verifying employment.
  3. Upload your Certificate of Indian Blood for the Ottens Foundation scholarship (if available).
  4. An essay, different than the personal statement, addressing a certain issue.  

AutoMatch Scholarship Opportunities

When you submit the general application, the new scholarship platform will automatically match students to scholarships that do not need additional information. The Scholarship Committee will then review and consider each applicant based on availability of funds. While you may not see this on your end, if you are eligible for a scholarship, you will receive an email at your CNM email notifying you of the award. 

Award Offer and Acceptance

Students who have been offered a scholarship will receive an email from 'Central New Mexico Community College Scholarships' notifying them of the scholarship that has been offered. Below are steps you must take in order to be awarded this scholarship. 

  1. Click on the link received to login to the myScholarships acceptance page. 
  2. Click 'Accept' on the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  3. Once you've accepted the offer, you will be required to write a Thank You letter addressed to the donor of the scholarship. 
  4. Upload a picture of yourself. 

Instructions for Faculty and Staff

When students submit a scholarship application, they are required to request a letter of recommendation from faculty and/or staff members. Below are instructions on how to complete and submit letters of recommendation. 

  1. Faculty and staff will receive an email from 'Central New Mexico Community College Scholarships' asking to complete a letter of recommendation for students. 
  2. On the myScholarship webpage: 

    -Any Reviewers or References who DO have campus credentials should sign in on the Applicants/Administrators login tab using these assigned credentials.

    -Any Reviewers or References who do NOT have a campus credential, please sign in using your email address and the password you set when you created your account. If you need to recover your password, please click on Trouble seining in (see example below). 

  3. After writing the letter of recommendation, click on the link and upload your letter. 
  4. Once uploaded and submitted, a students application will be completed. 

Reviewers or References with campus credentials 

Screenshot of the Applicants and Administrators tab with a button titled "Sign In With Your myCNM Login"

Reviewers or References without campus credentials

Screenshot of the References and Reviewers tab with text fields that need to be filled in with your Email Address and the other with your Password. The Sign In button is on the bottom right of the screen.