Information regarding AmeriCorps Education funding

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For questions regarding your AmeriCorps account, call AmeriCorps National Service Hotline at 1 (800) 942-2677

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Central New Mexico Community College participates in the AmeriCorps Education program for students who have earned education benefits by committing time in serving our country in various ways. Here you will find information on how to request funds, how CNM responds to AmeriCorps requests, and how CNM receives AmeriCorps funds. 

Requesting Funds

1. Login to your myAmeriCorps account to request funds. 

Note* When requesting funds, please make sure you enter the semester and year (i.e. Spring 2023)

2. Select 'Central New Mexico Community College' as the institution you are attending (Entering 'CNM' will generate zero results). 

3. Submit your request and allow CNM 24 to 48 business hours to verify. 

4. Once CNM receives your request, we will verify your account to ensure you are enrolled and that these funds will not go over your cost of attendance for the year.

How Funds are Received

AmeriCorps sends funds to CNM electronically in two payments. For example, if you request $1,000, AmeriCorps will send $500 at the beginning of the semester and $500 in the middle of the semester.