Bridge to Success Scholarship

The Bridge to Success Scholarship is offered to first-time freshman in the process of qualifying for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship.

Bridge will cover the cost of tuition and registration fee for a NM resident.

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CNM offers the Bridge to Success Scholarship to first-time freshman who are in the process of qualifying for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. The Bridge to Success Scholarship is offered in fall and covers actual tuition charges and registration fee for the Lottery Qualifying Term. The Qualifying Term is the first term of attendance after earning a New Mexico diploma, New Mexico GED or state approved credential.

  • Apply to CNM - Your CNM admission record must include the date you will earn a New Mexico high school diploma, New Mexico GED, or state approved credential.
  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Students without a Social Security number are eligible without a FASFA and are identified by CNM Admission
  •  Declare an eligible major

Students must complete at least 12 credits and earn a minimum GPA of 2.5 during the qualifying term to establish Legislative Lottery eligibility. To earn a GPA you must take at least one class with a traditional letter grade during your Qualifying Term. 

1. Your GPA is the average of all classes with traditional letter grades, courses numbered 1000 or Higher. 

2. Courses numbered (below 0970), and ESL courses do not meet requirements for the Bridge or Lottery and are not counted in total credit hours. Check 'Qualifying for the Lottery' for more information. 

For detailed Lottery eligibility, check New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship

Students with Disabilities - Legislative Lottery Scholarship

A list of qualified students who are registered with Accessibility Services will be reviewed by Scholarships and approved to take and complete less than twelve credits (6-11) to qualify for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. For continued Legislative Lottery eligibility Scholarships will review students completion at the end of each term. All other Bridge to Success and Legislative Lottery Scholarship requirements remain.