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External Scholarships

External scholarship resources for students.

Mailing Address

CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
525 Buena Vista SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

External Scholarships - Awards

Students who are awarded scholarships from sources outside CNM should have checks sent or delivered to CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services on Main campus. These funds will be applied to the student's account and used to pay outstanding charges. Unless otherwise specified by the donor, remaining funds will be released to the student to use for expenses.

External Scholarships - Applications

The listed scholarship links are information that CNM has received from various sources who have asked that CNM make these applications available to our students. There is information on who to contact, where and how to apply included in the link. CNM does not sponsor or endorse these scholarships, but provides this as a resource to help students in scholarship searches.