Getting Ready for Your First Day as a Dual Credit Student

Steps to take after you've registered for your Dual Credit classes.

Review Your Class Schedule

Will your class be held at one of CNM's campuses or will it be online? Review your class schedule in your myCNM account to find out.

On-Campus Classes

Make sure you know which campus or campuses your classes are on. CNM has seven sites in central New Mexico. Your class schedule will tell you which buildings your classes are in.

Online Classes

Before the first day of class, it is recommended that you complete the Jump Start for Learners class to familiarize yourself with our CNM Brightspace system. On the first day of class, be sure to sign in to CNM Brightspace to view your classes, syllabus and any announcements from your instructor.

Get Your Textbooks

Please read our Steps to Becoming a Dual Credit Student page to learn more about how to get your textbooks as a Dual Credit student. The process will vary depending on where you attend high school. Be sure to check your class schedule to find out if your class has an includED digital textbook. You will see this on your schedule as Bookstore Charges (includED). You do not need to pay these charges if your high school is covering the cost of textbooks (applies to public and charter high school students).

Check Your CNM Email

It's important to check your CNM email regularly. This is how CNM and your instructors will communicate with you about schedule changes, coursework or account issues. We also require students to communicate with us through their CNM email account.

Access CNM Resources

Take advantage of all CNM resources as a Dual Credit student.

Get a Student ID Card

You'll need a student ID card to use library services, tutoring or computer labs. You can get your ID at the Student Activities Office.


You must register your vehicle to park on any CNM campus, even where the parking is free. Plan to arrive early because parking spaces can be hard to find.

CNM Libraries

Great places to study, with helpful staff, tons of books, and loads of essential resources, your CNM libraries are equipped to help you learn in comfort and style.

Computer Labs

Use your CNM student account to log in at any of CNM's Computer Labs and put a full-access desktop computer to work for you.


The Learning and Computer Center (TLCc) can help you with your CNM classes and high school classes.

Dual Credit Advisement

Be sure to reach out to your Dual Credit Advisor for help if you are struggling to manage your Dual Credit classes. You can also get help with future course planning, time management, and study skills.