Dual Credit Information for Parents

Give your child a head start on college! Discover the benefits of Dual Credit and find answers to common questions and concerns.

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Your child can earn college credit now while still in high school.

Students who enroll in CNM’s Dual Credit program simultaneously earn college and high school elective credit. Some of our students have even graduated with a high school diploma and an associate degree at the same time.

Dual Credit is a Great Deal

No tuition or registration fees. Classes are free except for some course fees and uniform costs. Public and charter schools pay for textbooks.

Be sure to have your student print their class schedule in their myCNM account to review registration fees. Program fees will be listed there if applicable. includED Bookstore Charges may also display. If these charges are on your student's account, they do not need to pay them if your high school is covering the cost of textbooks (applies to public and charter high school students). includED is a program that electronically delivers the required book automatically to the student on the first day of class.

Additional Benefits

Savings money is only the first of many benefits. Additional program benefits include:

  • An amazing range of programs is available.
  • General Education courses seamlessly transfer to UNM, NMSU and other state schools.
  • Students have full access to all CNM Student Services including computer labs, libraries, tutoring services and activity clubs.
  • The Dual Credit program meets the new high school graduation requirement that all students must take at least one Dual Credit, Distance Learning, Advanced Placement or Honors course.

Common Concerns

CNM is dedicated to the success of our dual credit students. Find answers to common questions and concerns below: 

  • According to FERPA, CNM faculty and staff are prohibited from discussing grades or enrollment status with anyone other than the student unless a release form is submitted.
  • Does your child require special services? According to Dual Credit statute, special service accommodations must be provided by the state charter school or high school district. However, students are encouraged to make an appointment with the CNM's Accessibility Services, which can help determine what accommodations are required.
  • Worried about transportation? Many classes can be taken online. Check with your student's principal to see what Dual Credit classes may be offered at the high school.
  • Is scheduling an issue? Students can take classes during daytime hours, evenings, weekends, or during the summer at any of CNM’s campuses.

Dual Credit opens the door to college and beyond. Encourage your child to meet this new challenge. Remind them to speak to faculty members or get tutoring assistance if needed. Most of all, ask questions about what they’re learning and show your pride in their achievement.

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