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About Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences

We offer an accessible broad-based academic curriculum in a student-focused environment. Our curriculum provides students with a foundation for further educational studies, self-expression, and critical thinking.

Our school provides a diversity of liberal arts courses which support the certificate and degree programs at CNM. We offer courses in anthropology, Arabic, art, child development, communication, cultural studies, early childhood, economics, English, education, French, history, humanities, journalism, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, sociology, Spanish, special education, and theatre. Many of our courses are transferable to other colleges and universities as freshmen and sophomore requirements or electives. We also offer associate degrees in fine arts, liberal arts, and education.


Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Providing a student-centered liberal arts curriculum, taught by dedicated faculty, that is the foundation for career and academic opportunities.


Being the best two-year transfer school in New Mexico, increasing the number of discipline specific Associate degrees, supporting high quality instruction, and providing innovative leadership in P-20 partnerships and in articulation with four-year schools.


We value:

    • Diverse points of view
    • Student engagement
    • Critical thinking
    • Student success
    • An atmosphere of mutual respect
    • An informed pedagogy that is evidence based and denotes critically reflective practice
    • Excellence in instruction and academic preparation
    • Student ability to apply academic instruction to real-life situations



Our continuing goals are to:

  • Increase the number of discipline specific transfer options
  • Provide quality professional development
  • Collaborate with HED to develop more statewide transfer modules
  • Improve the full-time to part-time faculty ratio
  • Track retention of  Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, and Education transfer students
  • Involve more faculty in the development of quality Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment programs in area high schools
  • Acknowledge professional, scholarly, and educational accomplishments of faculty.
  • Increase graduation rates in the Liberal Arts degree



Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences was created in 2005 when the Arts & Sciences Department was split into two new Schools, the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences and The School of Math, Science & Engineering.

When the original Arts and Sciences department was created in 1986, the New Mexico Legislature gave TVI the power to grant associate degrees. Approval by the TVI Governing Board quickly followed, and TVI moved toward becoming a comprehensive community college. In 1995, TVI marked its 30th anniversary of providing affordable post-secondary education to New Mexico's citizens. In 2006, TVI officially changed its name to Central New Mexico Community College (CNM).

We offer an accessible, broad-based academic curriculum in a student- focused environment as a way of supporting its commitment to New Mexico students and communities.

In Fall 2008, we offered 840 sections in 24 disciplines on 6 campuses. In addition we offered a number of distance learning options. The school had an aggregate enrollment of 20,376 students in Fall 2008 and an average class enrollment of 25.