Financial Needs Analysis Procedure

Learn more about how to complete and submit the Financial Needs Analysis.

Complete the Form

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The Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) provides agencies with the student’s financial status and unmet need figures used to determining eligibility for agency funding. Unmet need is determined by taking the CNM federally calculated student expenses minus resources available to the student. These resources may include grants, loans, scholarships and the expected family contribution. 

Expected Family Contribution is determined by information the student provides when they complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Enrollment and if a student is making Satisfactory Academic Progress at the time the request is completed is also reported.

FNA requests are submitted to CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. We require that a student’s financial aid file be completed before an FNA request can be accepted. We cannot complete an FNA for a student with an incomplete file. This assures that we are providing the agency the most accurate financial aid information. An exception can be made only for students on financial aid suspension or in default status.

Completing the Financial Need Analysis (FNA)

All students must complete the CNM FNA online form. Individual agency forms will be completed along with the CNM FNA form.

Below are steps to complete the FNA.

  1. Login to your myCNM.
  2. Click on Financial Aid on the left navigation bar.
  3. Under Financial Aid Resources click on 'Financial Needs Analysis.'
  4. Click 'Submit' and allow 2 business days for us to complete and submit the form to your agency.

PART 1: To Be Completed by Student

Include the following information

  • Student Information - Name, CNM ID number, address, phone number, CNM Email address where student can be reached
  • Agency Information - Agency’s Name, address, phone and fax number where FNA will be sent
  • Indicate award year
  • Select term(s)
  • Click Submit

PART 2: To be completed by CNM Financial Aid & Scholarship Services

This portion will be complete by CNM and sent to the agency listed by the student.

  • One FNA request can be made each semester. Students are responsible for updating their agency regarding academic progress, continuing enrollment, new resources, and grades.

FNAs will be completed and faxed to the listed agency within 2 business days of the day of the request under most circumstances. Students requesting a copy will be required to present a picture ID at the time of pick up.

Please contact CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services if you are having difficulties in submitting your FNA online. We can provide you with a paper FNA.