Non-Credit Learner Scholarship Opportunities

Are you a non-credit learner at CNM or Ingenuity programs, looking to advance your career through our certificate programs?

Non-Credit scholarship funds are on a first-come, first-served basis and there is limited funding. Scholarships funds are limited to cover one program per student. The Non-Credit Scholarship application is for students in non-credit programs only. 

Expectations of Recipients

  1. Complete admission requirements for the non-credit program.
  2. Complete the Non-Credit Scholarship application
  3. Pay the tuition and fees not covered by the tuition assistance or make a payment arrangement for the balance due.
  4. Successfully pass each program.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Be sure to review the application before submitting it to make sure all information is entered correctly. Submitted applications will be reviewed by the program manager or designated person to verify enrollment in the program. You will be notified if eligible.

*High school diploma, GED, or home school credentials are required for funding. 

Non-Credit Scholarship Application

CNM Ingenuity Student Profiles

You will need a CNM Ingenuity Student Profile as part of your application. If you are a returning CNM Ingenuity student or learner, you should already have a CNM Ingenuity Student ID. To look up your CNM Ingenuity Student ID, please log in to your CNM Ingenuity Account.

If you are a new participant, please create a CNM Ingenuity Student Account. You will receive an email confirmation with your CNM Ingenuity Student ID. If you need help resetting your password, please watch this brief video.