Recent NM High School Graduates & HSE Recipients

Recent New Mexico high school graduate and HSE recipient scholarships

CNM offers New Mexico residents who are recent New Mexico high school graduates or New Mexico G.E.D. recipients the Bridge to Success and Legislative Lottery scholarships. Each scholarship has specific requirements; please read the information sheet for each scholarship.

Bridge to Success Scholarship - Closed for 2018-2019

Covers actual fall tuition charges and the registration fee. There is no application, but there are deadlines that need to be met. For requirements, deadlines, and additional information, please read the information sheet.

Read more about Qualifying for the Lottery

Legislative Lottery Scholarship

Covers a portion of tuition for students who have met qualifying requirements during the first term after receipt of their diploma. There is no application. For requirements and additional information, please read the information sheet (PDF).

  • Lottery Questions and Answers (Q&A)
  • The Legislative Lottery Scholarship can be transferred to other New Mexico state institutions. To transfer your scholarship you will need to complete a New Mexico Scholarship Transfer Transcript (PDF) request and submit it to CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.
  • Students who are Lottery eligible but have experienced a disabling medical condition, traumatic life experience, or have been in Active Military Service can submit a Request for Probationary Status (PDF). These are reviewed on an individual basis and are approved under highly restricted circumstance.

Lottery requirements and award amounts are subject to change and are determined by the NM State Legislature