Lottery Scholarship Information

As a new freshman at CNM you may be working toward a Legislative Lottery Scholarship. What you do in your first term will determine if you qualify for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship starting in your second term of college.

How You Earn the Lottery

New Mexico residents who have just earned a New Mexico high school diploma or completed the high school equivalency credential, such as the GED or HiSET, will have up to sixteen months from the date they receive their high school credential to start working toward the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. What you do in your first term of college will determine if you qualify. The Lottery is awarded beginning in the second term of college to students who meet all requirements.

What’s a Qualifying Term?

  • Your Qualifying Term is the first regular term (fall/spring) of attendance within sixteen months of  receiving your New Mexico high school diploma or equivalency credential, such as the GED or HiSET. Lottery eligibility is based on credits and grades earned during the Qualifying Term only.
  • In the Qualifying Term you must earn a minimum of 12 credits at CNM with a 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher to be considered for the Lottery. Credits earned can be college level, a course number of 1000 or higher, or developmental classes with a course number from 0970to 0999. To establish your GPA you must take and complete at least one class of 1000 or higher and receive a traditional letter grade. Your Qualifying Term GPA is based on the average of all traditional grades received in that term. 

What are credits earned and Grade Point Average (GPA)?

  • Credits are earned by successfully completing classes. You earn credits in classes with traditional grades and credit/no credit classes of 0970 level or higher. Classes completed with grades of F, NC, I, W, and AU, as well as classes below 0970 level and ESL do not count toward credits earned.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of all traditional letter grades, A, B, C, D, and F, earned. The grade of CR does not count in your GPA calculation. If you only take one class with a traditional letter grade that one grade alone will establish your GPA and must be an A or B to meet the 2.5 GPA required. 

What about CNM Dual Credit classes I took while I was in high school?

  • Eligibility for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship is based only on the Qualifying Term. Credits and grades earned prior to the Qualifying Term will not be used to determine eligibility. Cumulative GPA must be 2.5 or higher by the end of your second term of attendance for continued Lottery eligibility.
  • Your eligibility for Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) are based on all records, including classes attempted as a Dual Credit student. All classes are a permanent part of your student record. Dual Credit classes affect GPA, completion rate, and are counted in number of credits attempted.
  • Dual Credit students need to be re-admitted to CNM as regular students. Dual Credit students need to reapply to CNM. They will then be moved out of Dual Credit status and into regular student status. The regular student status admission date is used to determine Bridge to Success eligibility and must be completed prior to March 31st.

How long can I receive the Lottery at CNM? 

You can be awarded Lottery for up to three terms at CNM or receipt of an Associate Degree, whichever comes first, if you meet all requirements each term. If you stay additional term(s) at a two -year institution, you forfeit the remaining Lottery Scholarship. 

I have a disability, how does this affect my Lottery award?

Students with a qualified disability and who are registered with Accessibility Services may qualify for a reduced number of required credits. You need to meet with your Accessibility Services Counselor, complete, sign, and submit the Legislative Lottery for Students with Disabilities Full Time Waiver to Scholarship Services prior to each term. Eligibility can be extended to a maximum of seven terms, one additional term for each term that a reduced credit waiver is approved and used. All other Lottery requirements remain unchanged. 

*NOTE: Completing 12+ credits voids this waiver and an additional term will not be granted. 

Where can I find out more and read all the Lottery requirements?

Detailed Lottery scholarship requirements and eligibility information can be found online - Lottery scholarship requirements and eligibility information.