Brewing Program Earns Prestigious Honor from Master Brewers Association
Students in the Brewing Program learn every facet of the brewing process, from proper measurement of ingredients to bottling.

Brewing Program Earns Prestigious Honor from Master Brewers Association

CNM's Brewing program, which supports the workforce needs of New Mexico's fast-growing brewing industry, was also named the No. 2 brewing school in North America in 2018.
February 14, 2019

Cheers to CNM’s Brewing and Beverage Management Program. It’s now one of 13 higher-ed institutions and one of four community colleges that was honored with a prestigious international recognition from the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA).

The MBAA has extensive experience with master brewing. It was formed in 1887 and is currently a global community working to advance the brewing industry in a variety of ways, including the development of world-class education offerings.

“It (MBAA) really is, in the western hemisphere, the organization of brewers,” said Nick Jones, CNM full-time Instructor in the Brewing & Beverage Management program.

The recognition received by the Brewing program is part of the MBAA Higher Education initiative that provides accreditation to college-level brewing programs that meet a strict set of curriculum requirements and guidelines. As an added benefit for the distinction, the MBAA offers CNM Brewing students a complimentary one-year student membership that provides them with access to additional resources to support their learning and growth.

“The Higher Education Committee of the MBAA took years developing the guidelines, consulting with industry professionals and educators to make sure that it accurately represented what the brewing industry is looking for in terms of brewing education for potential employees,” said Nick.


Nick said that by attaining the MBAA recognition, CNM’s program has proven to be one on the best in the country. Students and alumni can now tout to employers that they received a world-class education in brewing and beverage management from an MBAA recognized institution.

“It will be a great asset for our current students and graduates to say that they went through CNM’s Brewing program, which is one of the few programs recognized by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas,” he said.

The new recognition adds to the growing reputation of CNM’s brewing program. In May 2018, CNM’s Brewing program was named the No. 2 brewing school in North America by the U.S. Open College Beer Championship.

Destiny Jones is in the process of earning her Certificate of Completion in Beverage Management. She said that CNM’s Brewing program has provided her with valuable knowledge that she will apply to the growing craft beer industry in New Mexico. She hopes the MBAA recognition will also draw more women into the program.

“Beer is a product that can be made by anyone, man or woman,” she said. “I’ve learned so much about beer styles and beer production and I think that women should know that they can succeed in this industry, and that CNM has one of the best programs for it.”

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