CNM Launches New Employee Learning Hub to Help Centralize Training, Learning and Development Opportunities

The hub has information on everything from ITS to Ingenuity trainings and will help all CNM employees with their personal and professional development
September 09, 2020

CNM’s simple but strong mission is to “Be a leader in education and training.” To support the training side of that mission for its own employees, the college just launched its new Employee Learning Hub

One part of the hub is designed to help employees—both staff and faculty—find and participate in trainings that will help with advancement as well as personal and professional development. The other side of the hub is designed for employees who want to offer training and need help ensuring their training is aligned and promoted.

“The Hub was created as a way for the college to invest in its employees by helping them grow their knowledge, skills, and abilities,” says Trish Heaton, the Director for Learning and Development. The Employee Learning Hub was developed by the Employee Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC), which is comprised of members from across all divisions of the college.  Trish along with Erica Reed, a CNM Instructor and the Cooperative for Teaching and Learning Faculty Development Coordinator, and Alli Marie, the ITS Manager of Technical Training, will manage and add content to the site.

Browsing the Hub, employees quickly gain access to campus-wide trainings, including those offered by HR, CTL, ITS and CNM Ingenuity. ITS, for example, just launched its Monthly Tech Talks and will use its Sept. 23 talk to focus on all things related to file storage and sharing including OneDrive, network drives, SharePoint, and more. 

Ingenuity, meanwhile, will be holding its Supervisor Academy starting Sept 11. The Academy, which is held over 10 weeks, addresses the fundamentals of successful supervision, including emotional intelligence, critical thinking and effective communication strategies.

For instructors, the Hub provides quick access to the Cooperative for Teaching and Learning (CTL), an organization of CNM faculty that creates internal partnerships across the college to support faculty needs through orientation and professional development.

Because everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hub also has a special section dedicated to Remote Work Resources. In that section, staff and faculty can find information and trainings on everything from Best Practices for Supervisors & Leaders for Remote Workers to Technology Precautions for Working Remotely, as well as information about stress relief and financial resources. 

“Our goal was to make all of this information more streamlined and accessible,” says Erica.

CNM’s Talent Management portal still functions as a location for all the college’s formal and required trainings, but the Hub is now an easy way to access that site as well.

“Ultimately, we hope the Hub serves as a one-stop-shop for all things training, learning, and development going forward,” Trish says.