CNM to Issue All Graduating Students Blockchain Diplomas
An example of what the Blockchain diploma will look like.

CNM to Issue All Graduating Students Blockchain Diplomas

These digital documents will be accessible from your phone and can be shared at any time
August 29, 2018

Starting this Thursday, Aug. 30, all CNM students who graduated after the Summer Term will get an email invitation to download a CNM digital diploma via Blockchain technology. Going forward, every student who graduates from CNM will also have the same opportunity. Students will also continue to receive the traditional paper diploma.

CNM became the first community college in the country to issue digital diplomas utilizing Blockchain, the same technology that spawned Bitcoin, in December 2017 when a small pilot group of students received them.

By issuing digital diplomas that can be securely and easily accessed on a smartphone or the internet, CNM grads will now be able to independently manage their own, hard-earned diploma and securely share them with employers, other schools and social media such as LinkedIn for the rest of their lives. And graduates who receive the digital diplomas will never have to worry about needing to go through CNM to get new copies.

And what is Blockchain? In over-simplified terms, Blockchain is an online system where data is stored on a network of decentralized computers that each track and verify all the new data or changes added to the network. Information on the blockchain is considered tamper-proof and highly secure. Put another way, it’s a new system many institutions are using to verify documents and transactions, and the technology allows you to instantly prove your diploma is authentic. The Blockchain technology is considered revolutionary and is growing in many sectors rapidly.

“We created this opportunity because we appreciate that students can share their diplomas digitally and immediately without having to request a copy,” says Philip Giuliano, the Associate Director of Enrollments Services for Graduation.

Summer Term graduates who get the first invitations via email will need to accept the invitation, then download the app. Directions will be included in the email. Graduates who are not interested in the digital diplomas do not need to accept the invitation.

If you have questions or want to find out more about Blockchain diplomas, please email