Faces of CNM: Jacques Chevrier

After enrolling in a Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp, Jacques’ career path did a complete 180 and he’s now more successful than he could have ever imagined
October 20, 2020

Jacques Chevrier is a smart guy who's had many different jobs in his career. He’s day traded, worked as a welder, and also studied engineering. But it wasn’t until he enrolled in a CNM Ingenuity Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp that he felt like he truly found his calling.

Jacques started the Bootcamp in 2018 because he wanted a job that kept him closer to his partner and young daughter. But once he got going, he realized he had a knack for the kind of structural thinking and dedication needed to excel in this field. 

“I know it sounds super cliche, but Deep Dive really changed my life,” he says. 

Jacques had been a welder because he liked taking piles of raw materials and turning them into something useful. But his welding jobs took him to other states and he ended up missing important milestones like his daughter’s first steps. Coding, he quickly discovered, was similar in that he used basic building blocks to create something more useful, plus it was a job he could do here in Albuquerque, or even from home.

Straight out of the 12-week bootcamp, Jacques worked as a CNM apprentice, honing his skills as an applications developer and diving into everything from Salesforce to Blockchain. Working alongside CNM mentor Bill Halverson, he also learned a lot about project management and was even able to go back and teach a Salesforce workshop to new Bootcamp students. 

From there, Jacques landed a job as a Salesforce Developer with Deloitte, where he helped that company with an important unemployment insurance program. He also helped implement live chat as a completely new channel of communication. It was a giant project, but one that he found extremely rewarding. 

“Working with bleeding-edge technology was amazing,” he says. 

Just this month, Jacques moved into a new position as a Salesforce Developer with a financial management company. He says it’s a dream job. He’s currently working from home, and the job will be permanently remote even after the pandemic. That means he gets to spend more time with his daughter and new child that he and his wife are expecting in February. Jacques is a humble guy, but he also pointed out that his new job pays over six figures, or more than enough to create lasting security for his growing family. 

Looking back he says he couldn’t be more thankful to have found the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamps.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Ingenuity,” he says. “I’m only 26 and to be able to make a complete 180 in my career in a way that provided a much better work-life balance for my family is truly amazing. Now I want other people to know that they can also make the shift and be successful.”

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