Faces of CNM: William Havins

William is the Director of CNM’s Pharmaceutical Program and has been on the front lines of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
October 05, 2021

Last December William Havins, a full-time instructor and the Director of CNM’s Pharmaceutical Program, decided he wanted to do whatever it took to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. So, he got a second job administering the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“I just thought it was my job to help out with the influx of new patients in our pharmacies and I started working retail in a pharmacy,” William says. 

William has been certified to give vaccines for 25 years and has given hundreds of shots in that time.

“My role at CNM is to educate students and future pharmacy technicians, but I still have a passion for the health of the general population,” he says.

Now that flu season is starting to ramp up, he’s also preparing to administer the flu shot. 

William started at CNM in 2002 when he saw an ad for a part-time instructor. He thought it might be a good fit considering his 10 years experience as a pharmacy technician. Part of William’s job at CNM is to stay on top of news in the pharmacy technician world. Working in a retail pharmacy gives him a chance to do that while also serving his community during a historic time.

“It has ultimately been a good experience. I feel good about myself. To see the relief on the patients’ face when you give them a vaccine, it’s really great,” he says. “The patients are worried and just being able to help them on their journey to good health, it’s a good thing.”

William hopes he can set an example for his students. 

“I always want to share the passion for healthcare with my students. You have to want to help people in health care. You can’t do it for a paycheck. You can’t do it for money. It needs to be something that’s in your heart,” he says.

While administering the vaccine William is still teaching at CNM. He says teaching has also been rewarding because his students have gone on to become successful healthcare workers who’ve made a real impact. 

“I truly hope that our program sparks the students’ passion to help people out,” he says.

For those people who are still uncertain about the COVID-19 vaccine, William has some clear advice.

“Don't let other people make your decisions for you,” he says. “Review the science and hopefully you'll get it done. It's personal, but you can review everything that's out there and get it done and help everyone out.”