Faces of CNM: William Vetsch

William is about to start a rewarding career as a diesel mechanic and is excited about his path forward. Diesel mechanics are in very high demand by employers.
December 07, 2021

Last year William Vetsch was deployed to Africa with the National Guard. He was on a mission he can’t speak about, but he can say that while deployed he got to thinking about his future. He knew he wanted to stay in the National Guard but also wanted to lock down a full-time job he found challenging and satisfying and that paid well.

After looking around he eventually landed on the Diesel Equipment Technology program at CNM where he could learn how to be a diesel engine mechanic. William had always loved to fix things, knew there were plenty of open jobs in the field, and decided it was the right fit. He enrolled when he got back and just graduated this term.

“It was definitely hard to jump into a new field not knowing much about diesel engines, but I really like my classes and had great instructors and now I’m really confident and excited to start working,” William says. 

William found a job after applying at just a few places and starting soon he’ll be working with H&E Equipment Services, a business here in Albuquerque that rents out land moving equipment. He’ll be doing pre- and post-rental inspections and making sure that all the equipment is in working order. 

William will be making a living wage right away and there’s room to grow in the company and across the field. Diesel mechanics are in high demand right now and the best paying jobs are offering $45/hour, or more than $90,000 a year.

“I'm really excited to start and keep growing,” William says.

Long-term William says he looks forward to increasing his skills and he’s excited about helping H&E grow. He just signed up for another eight years with the National Guard and knows he could have a future there, as well as a rewarding career as a diesel mechanic.

“The doors are pretty wide open right now,” he says. “I’m thankful for the education I got at CNM and I can’t wait to move forward.”