Follett Donates $1 Million to CNM Foundation for Book Scholarships

Oct. 21, 2013 -- During CNM’s recent grand opening ceremony for the newly renovated Robert P. Matteucci Hall, a surprise announcement spurred a standing ovation. The Follett Group, which runs the CNM Bookstore, donated $1 million for book scholarships.

Jul 17, 2015

Follett Group Vice President Joey Caron presented the $1 million check to CNM President Katharine Winograd on Oct. 18. The Follett Group has managed the CNM Bookstore, now located in Robert P. Matteucci Hall, for 20 years.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful gift to CNM,” Winograd said. “We are so grateful for this amazing gift and to have Follett as an awesome partner.”

The $1 million donation to the CNM Foundation will establish an endowed scholarship fund to support student success by providing student book scholarships.

Following the announcement, Bob Matteucci, Jr., son of the building’s namesake Robert P. Matteucci, and Pauline Garcia, member of the CNM Governing Board, cut a ribbon marking the building’s grand opening.