How CNM Is Partnering With Other Community Colleges To Develop Deep Dive Coding Bootcamps

Through an expanded licensing program, CNM is providing everything from curriculum to mentorship
June 10, 2021

More than 600 students have graduated from CNM Ingenuity’s suite of Deep Dive Coding Bootcamps and 87 percent achieved their professional goals within six months. The average starting salary for a Deep Dive grad is nearly $50,000, and Deep Dive graduates have gone on to earn $82 million in total wages over the past seven years.  

To help other community colleges and organizations offer similar opportunities, CNMI is now licensing the curriculum for its entire suite of bootcamps and offering in-depth support to ensure success.  The bootcamps include Fullstack Web Development, Data Science, Java + Android App Development, Internet of Things, and Digital Media.

“Looking to our motto of ‘Changing Lives, Building Community,’ we want to empower organizations to have the same impact,” says Mary Gallivan, the Senior Director of Program Management at CNMI.

Gallivan says it can cost upwards of $250,000 to develop and implement just one bootcamp, so a licensing program is a much more affordable way to expand the reach. Right now, Restart NM, a program created by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, is offering $80,000 start-up grants to any New Mexico-based post-secondary institution that wants to license the CNM bootcamps. 

In addition to high-quality curriculum, the CNMI licensing program will provide a host of additional tools. If an institution needs to hire instructors, CNMI provides everything from sample job descriptions to instructors on loan. Once instructors are in place, CNMI provides “train the trainer” workshops for new instructors and support staff so they can learn best practices. Finally, CNMI will also offer instructor mentorship during the first cohort. 

The first college to join in is Doña Ana Community College, and they’ll be offering the Fullstack Web Development bootcamp in the fall.

“For Doña Ana Community College's Workforce Development Department, licensing the CNMI Deep Dive Fullstack program and curriculum has been a great opportunity to develop our own Bootcamp here in the southern part of the state,” says Mary Ulrich, the Director for the Department of Workforce Development & Career Readiness at DACC. “We have really benefited from the wealth of experience that CNMI Deep Dive staff and instructors have shared with us through the onboarding and train-the-trainer process. As we plan our first cohort in October in Las Cruces, the staff and instructors continue to offer support and guidance for a successful launch and implementation.”

The timing of the licensing program could not be better. COVID-19 has shown that tech jobs are flexible and resilient, and the bootcamps are a quick, affordable, and efficient way to focus the workforce on job-ready career skills while maximizing return on time and money invested.

“Bootcamps are a great way to help employers find high-quality employees, and a great way to change the entire trajectory of a person’s life,” says Andrea Sisneros-Wichman, the Program Director for Deep Dive at CNM. 

In addition to Doña Ana Community College, there’s already interest in the licensing program from colleges across the country. And because CNMI is licensing the curriculum for every single bootcamp, the college expects the program to grow exponentially. 

“If you’re a school or a community organization looking to address anything from the skills gap to unemployment, we can jumpstart you on that path,” Gallivan says. “You’ll get to leverage all of our experience and tools, and we’ll teach you how to be successful.”

For more information on licensing a Deep Dive bootcamp, please contact Mary Gallivan at or 505-224-5216.