New ‘CNM Degree Works’ System Helps Students Stay on Track to Graduate

Sept. 16, 2016 -- CNM has launched a comprehensive new software system that will help students stay on track to graduate through a variety of valuable features.
September 16, 2016

Some of the features of the software, called “CNM Degree Works,” include:

On-demand Degree Audits – Students, advisors, and academic coaches will be able to easily monitor progress toward the completion of a degree or certificate. Clear visuals will display required courses that need to be completed and progress bars that show how close a student is to graduating.

Student Planning Tools – Customized course plans are available online. Students can work with academic coaches and advisors to build degree plans to help students chart exactly which courses will need to be taken each term to complete graduation requirements.

Real-time Reporting – Leveraging student data, the software will empower CNM to better plan for courses needed by students to graduate and identify emerging enrollment patterns.

Forecasting Time to Degree – Students can get better informed on how long it takes to complete a certificate or degree, adjusting for factors such as anticipated course loads per term. Students will also be able to more clearly understand the amount of time it takes to complete different degrees or certificates.

Exception Processing– Course substitutions and waivers are shown in a student’s degree audit.

GPA Calculator – Students can project their grade point average during terms by inputting their anticipated grades.

Access CNM Degree Works – Students can access CNM Degree Works through myCNM on the “Registration” or “Graduation” tabs.

To learn more about using “Degree Works,” contact Academic Advisement