This CNM Student Is Studying Diesel Mechanics After A 10-Year Career as a Truck Driver

Joseph Cologne needed a change and CNM gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion
December 01, 2022

Joseph Cologne had a successful career as a transport operator for the City of Albuquerque where he drove large trucks. But the schedule eventually became too demanding for his growing family. 

He started looking for a new career and quickly landed at CNM where he’s been studying Diesel Equipment Technology. After just one year, Joseph is set to earn his Diesel Equipment Technology certificate and has already landed a full-time job as a diesel technician for Coca-Cola. 

“It was nerve wracking to come back to school if I’m being honest,” Joseph says. “I didn’t know what to expect since I was older, but I’ve received a lot of support and I’ve gotten to know people in the program and we’ve developed really good friendships.” 

Joseph quickly found his footing as a student. He took intersession classes between terms, and is going to pursue his associate in Transportation Technology after completing the certificate program to expand his career options in management.

For Joseph, the best part about CNM is the quality education he’s received. 

“The instructors here are top notch,” Joseph says. “They have really set the bar high for any future classes I take.” 

As he prepares to start his new job at Coca-Cola, Joseph is excited to support the industry that inspired this career path. 

“I came from trucking, so I know what drivers deal with day-to-day”, he says. “Understanding the mechanics and keeping drivers safe is my way of giving back.”

In five years, Joseph plans to keep learning about changes in diesel technology and hopes to move into a management position. 

As he reflects on his time at CNM, Joseph is thankful that he was able to reskill later in life.

“I did this to better provide for my family, and I’m so happy to have this opportunity to support them and do something I’m passionate about,” he says.