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Learn how a degree from New Mexico's premier community college will open doors in your future.

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If you have questions about getting started at CNM, call (505) 224-3000 or contact CNM online.

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Did you know you have a CNM Navigator ready to help you from application to registration and beyond? They’ll send you a text and email after you’ve applied.

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Other Student Types

Learn how to register for CNM if you are the following type of student:

Considering which college to attend as a first-time student is stressful. There are endless choices of where to go and what to study. It's hard to know if the effort involved will pay off.

Why CNM?

A community college offers the same quality courses you’ll find at a four-year institution for a fraction of the cost. When you graduate with a degree or certificate, the credits you've earned can transfer to other universities. 

You can take courses at your own pace and figure out what works for you. You can graduate with an Associate's degree or a certificate that will help you whether you pursue further education or not.

CNM has been a staple New Mexico institution since the 1960s and we pride ourselves in our degree and certificate offerings, the diversity of our students, and our friendly college environment.

How to Become a Freshman at CNM

Applying to CNM is an easy process and you have nothing to lose. Let’s lead you through the early stages of what being a new freshman involves.

  1. Apply to CNM: Fill out an online application. At the end of the application, take a picture or screen grab of your student ID and username. You’ll need them for the rest of your time at CNM. If you have questions about the application process, contact us.

  2. Set Up Your myCNM Account: You will set up your myCNM account using your CNM email address after you set up your password. Your email address is your CNM username followed by ''. In myCNM you’ll get email, important college news, and much more.

  3. Apply for Financial Aid: Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid. There are many scholarships available to help pay for classes. View all scholarship opportunities and complete the quick CNM scholarship application. Financial Aid & Scholarship Services can help you apply for financial aid and scholarships.

  4. New Student Orientation: Complete your New Student Orientation. The orientation will get you started on your college career and help you understand what to expect as a new student. 

  5. Meet with an Academic Advisor: Meet with an advisor in person, by email, through online chat, or over the phone to pick a program of study and create your academic plan.

    You need one of the following:

    • A high school diploma with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
    • ACT or SAT scores
    • PARCC scores of 4 or 5 at grade 11
    • A transcript with college coursework from another institution
    • Accuplacer scores

    Accuplacer is a completely free placement test available at all CNM campuses.

  6. Register for Classes: Check the class offerings for the upcoming term in the schedule of classes. When you're ready, register for classes. View the Register for Classes tutorial. If you haven't decided on a degree, browse our programs of study.