10 CNM Machine Tool Students Awarded Prestigious Gene Haas Scholarship

The students will use the money to continue their education
August 03, 2021

This week, 10 hard-working students in CNM’s Machine Tool Technology program were awarded the Gene Hass Scholarship.

Gene Hass founded Haas Automation, which manufactures tools that are used in machine shops all across the country. To give back to the community, he created the Gene Haas Scholarship, which is awarded to students who are enrolled in a machine program and who have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Winners each get $1,650.

The CNM students received their scholarships during a small ceremony where they got to meet with Danny White who worked at Haas for 27 years. 

“If it weren't for Danny, we wouldn't know about the scholarship and therefore, wouldn't have it. We’re very appreciative,” says Marcel Hesch, an instructor in CNM’s Machine Tool program

Students were understandably delighted.

“I was pretty amazed, totally thrilled,” says Eric Larison. “It was very much a relief to get this financial help.”

Many of the students, including Christopher Kimball, who’s a single dad, say they are going to spend the money on tuition and living expenses.

Gene Haas award

“This money will definitely help me finish school. I’ve had to use savings in the past, so now I can use this money for whatever I need,” Christopher says.

Many of the students have exciting futures in front of them. Lucas Varela, one of the scholarship winners, is starting an apprenticeship at Sandia Labs and credits both CNM and faculty member Marcel Hersch for his success. 

“Marcel plays a pivotal role in really pushing our careers. He goes out of his way to make sure we have all the tools and that we find our dreams,” Lucas says. “He's such a great guy. He's got our best interests, our careers, and our livelihoods at heart.” 

Lucas hopes to one day repay the favor by creating his own scholarship for machine program students. 

“I can't wait to one day be in a position where I can give back,” he says. 

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Gene Haas award