CNM Donates More Than 80 Boxes of Clothing to Community Members in Need
One of several truckloads of clothing being donated to First Nations Community Healthsource.

CNM Donates More Than 80 Boxes of Clothing to Community Members in Need

The clothing was being stored at the Props and Film Resources warehouse and went to those facing homelessness here in New Mexico
January 06, 2021

Several years back, CNM was contacted by an employee who had worked on the film “Sicario” who wanted to donate a large batch of clothing that had been used during production. The college gladly took the donation and added it to the Props and Film Resource warehouse, which is run by CNM Ingenuity.

Some of the clothing was used for costumes by students in the Film Technician Training Program, but Mark “Lucky” Duran, who manages the warehouse, realized the clothing would be put to better use if it could be donated to those in need. 

It took a while to find the right partnership, but back in December Mark and his staff were able to team up with the First Nations Community Healthsource and distributed all of it to New Mexico community members facing homelessness. 

“The donation was exactly what we needed, and it came at a really important time,” says Merlinda Aragon, a Homeless Outreach Program Case Manager at First Nations Community Healthsource.

All told, CNM packed up and donated more than 80 boxes of clothing that included everything from shoes to pants to jackets. There were so many clothes that Zachary Tubb, who works with Mark at the warehouse, had to make multiple trips with an overloaded truck.

“We couldn't think of a better place for everything to go, it just seemed like a perfect fit,” Mark says. 

Learn more about the First Nations Homeless Outreach program and find out how you can donate clothing here.