CNM Ingenuity, Harmonix Technologies Partner to Serve IT Needs of State Institutions

March 14, 2017 -- CNM Ingenuity, Inc., the 501(c)3 enterprise arm of CNM, and Harmonix Technologies, an international information technology corporation headquartered in Albuquerque, are teaming up to provide education institutions and other public institutions in New Mexico with world-class information technology data center management and other IT training services that will provide institutions with cost-saving opportunities.
CNM Ingenuity, Harmonix Technologies Partner to Serve IT Needs of State Institutions

Mar 14, 2017

A component of the partnership will be offering data center management. CNM has a world-class data center in a 3,000-square foot space on Main Campus that stores critical information technology. Many organizations in New Mexico consider it the most advanced data center in the state, and it’s one of a few data centers in New Mexico that provides “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” for students and faculty.

With advances in technology, CNM – the largest higher education institution in the state in terms of undergraduate enrollment – has significant space in its data center that can also serve the technology hosting needs of other educational institutions while saving them resources and money. Many education institutions statewide are in great need of IT storage solutions.

CNM Ingenuity and Harmonix Technologies are partnering to offer an effective, competitive and affordable solution. CNM will offer storage space in its data center while Harmonix, which has prolific experience in serving the IT needs of educational institutions, will manage the transfer of information. CNM Ingenuity and Harmonix will work as partners to provide the hosting services. This will also provide an alternative to cloud-based storage, which is less secure than a physical data center.

The partnership is another step in CNM’s efforts to partner with businesses in the community and leverage its assets to generate new revenue streams, especially in an era of declining state funds. CNM began licensing agreements with organizations in the community for use of its facilities in 2016.

Harmonix is entering into the partnership as a way to help serve the needs of its home state, especially by providing affordable technology solutions to public institutions experiencing deep budget cuts.

The CNM Ingenuity-Harmonix partnership will also provide an ITS workforce training component. Public entities will be able to contract with CNM and Harmonix to send employees through training that will prepare them to return to their institutions as more advanced ITS technicians or engineers. The ITS training program will also be available to the general public. This will serve as another arena to help skill up New Mexico’s information technology workforce, bolstered by the participation of a well-established, highly respected New Mexico technology corporation in Harmonix.

About Harmonix Technologies
Harmonix Technologies, established in New Mexico in 2005, serves the technology needs of the education sector. As a debt-free company with a bonding capacity of $20 million, Harmonix prides itself on excellence in customer service and being a New Mexico-born business that supports its community.

About CNM Ingenuity, Inc.
CNM Ingenuity Inc., established as a 501(c)3 in 2014 under the New Mexico Research Park Act, is committed to pursuing cooperative ventures in technology and entrepreneurship while creating economic development opportunities for CNM, the community and the state.