CNM Ingenuity to Offer New, Expanded Digital Marketing Certificate

The certificate teaches the most cutting-edge digital skills people will need to grow local businesses and speed New Mexico’s post-pandemic economic recovery
March 25, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected both the state and national economy in significant and lasting ways. To help local businesses respond, CNM Ingenuity (CNMI) is building on its Facebook Digital Marketing program launched in 2019 to offer an updated and expanded digital marketing certificate that will help these businesses both respond to and capitalize on the changes.

The new program—which is called the Next Gen Digital Marketer Certificate—is being spearheaded by John Bell, who has decades worth of experience leading marketing campaigns for top national brands including Travelers Insurance, The Ford Motor Company, American Express, Ogilvy, and more. He now runs NextNow Digital, a digital change and marketing firm, where he serves as President and Chief Strategy Officer. 

Students in the new certificate program will get access to core, Facebook-supported marketing modules they can do at their own pace, as well as two new, important features. The first is a series of live, online sessions with master marketers from top brands across the country that will cover the most important digital marketing topics. The second is a set of immersive one-day, hands-on sessions that will help students master their chosen marketing topics. 

“The common wisdom in the marketing community right now is that the online growth we’ve seen during COVID-19 is not going away once Main Street is back up and running,” John says. “Now is the best time for local businesses to lean in and skill up so they can compete online.”

To choose the topics that would be covered in the live, online sessions, CNMI sent a qualitative survey to select New Mexico business leaders and marketers. The top topics those businesses wanted covered included: 

—Content Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) 

—Data and Analytics

— Paid & Non-Paid Social Media Marketing 

Eighty percent of the survey respondents also said they are committed to training for some or all their current staff and realize now is the time to skill-up to keep pace with rapid online changes. Seventy percent of the survey respondents ranked a CNM certification as their #1 or #2 choice for training.   

“We can equip students with the latest digital marketing skills that makes them highly sought-after talent,” says Kyle Lee, Chief Executive Officer of CNM Ingenuity. “At the same time, we can speed up post-pandemic business recovery by helping businesses quickly become more ‘digital,’” 

 In the new certificate program, students can choose an essential pathway of three modules or an advanced pathway of six modules.  Participants with all levels of marketing expertise can take advantage of the new features, including live sessions and hands-on training days. 

“I’m really excited to help people across New Mexico skill up,” John says. “There’s a lot of opportunity for growth in this state and now is the time.”

The session for the Next Gen Digital Marketer Certificate starts on April 19. Students can enroll online and may also be able to receive tuition support via Job Training Albuquerque. For more information and to apply, please visit the CNMI website.