CNM Ingenuity's Newest Bootcamp Can Get You a $60K Digital Media Job

The demand for digital media professionals grew by 600-percent last year
May 21, 2018

Digital Media production is a broad term, but it’s one you should know. The phrase encompasses everything from developing animated commercials to building video games, and the industry that’s cropped up around those skills is booming.

To ensure Albuquerque and New Mexico are producing high-quality digital media candidates, CNM Ingenuity is offering a 12-week Deep Dive Coding Digital Media Bootcamp. The intensive course, which runs all-day Monday-through-Friday, will be taught by Dr. Rod Sanchez, who has worked with some of the country’s most important companies including Intel and DreamWorks.

Coursework will blend design, storytelling, and technology, and help students not only learn the necessary digital media skills, but also help them develop a portfolio they can use to apply for jobs with the help of CNM Ingenuity’s Talent Manager. A background in coding is helpful, but not necessary.

What can you do after successfully completing the Digital Media Bootcamp?

  • Those students interested in advertising can use their digital media skills and portfolio to apply for jobs at firms like AdWallet, which creates custom animated commercials.
  • Those who love video games can apply at game companies. Or, they might apply to the federal government, which is using video games and virtual reality to train security forces and first-responders.
  • Students interested in entertainment can use their skills to apply to movie studios.
  • Health-care organizations are now using digital media and virtual reality to create training videos.
  • Architecture firms are using digital media to explain their projects, and the list goes on.

The bootcamp starts August 6 and the deadline to apply is July 6. Those wanting to reserve a spot will need to submit a deposit, but financial assistance is available for those who qualify. To learn more, click here.