Faces of CNM: Emily Stake

Emily, a CNM nursing student, is a long-time volunteer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and has been instrumental in getting CNM students involved
September 09, 2021

Like many people who volunteer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Emily Stake has a personal connection. She lost both her uncle and father to alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents and wants to do everything she can to prevent more unnecessary accidents and deaths.

Emily, a CNM Nursing student, has volunteered with that organization for seven years and also found creative ways to get other CNM students involved as well. As a member of Phi Theta Kappa—CNM’s chapter of the international honor society for community colleges—she rallied students to participate in MADD’s Victim Impact Panels. Those panels are set up so that drunk and drugged driving offenders are able to listen to people who’ve been affected by driving accidents in an effort to help them recognize and internalize the lasting and long-term effects of substance-impaired driving.

Emily says she works with MADD because she wants to stop alcohol and drug related accidents, but also because believes in the larger mission of the organization. She’s seen how MADD has helped family members with everything from financial assistance to attorney recommendations, and how it also helps offenders by connecting them with counseling and rehabilitation services. 

“They truly care about everyone involved,” Emily says. 

This year Emily was asked to be a committee member for New Mexico’s chapter of MADD and along with a team of other CNM nursing students she’s participating in the upcoming New Mexico Walk Like MADD event on Oct. 23 that helps the state chapter raise funds and build awareness. 

“Over the years I’ve just been in the right place at the right time to help MADD and I’m glad that all our work has blossomed and that other students have quickly become involved,” Emily says. 

Emily and the nursing team—their team name is Nurses Gone MADD—are trying to raise $500 to help MADD get to a $20,000 goal. They recently released a video promoting the event and they’re encouraging other CNM students, staff, and faculty to join their team and participate in the walk which will have a hybrid model this year.

Those who want to walk can do so at Johnson Field and those who want to walk virtually are also welcome to participate. Emily says the Walk Like MADD event is a good way to get involved because it’s a fun event that helps introduce you to an often difficult topic. 

“The nature of the organization can be sad, so the walk is a great way to come together and have fun,” she says. 

In terms of her career as a nurse, Emily says that’s directly related to her volunteer efforts with MADD. She’s always strived to be helpful and caring and during a hospital stay saw how important nurses are to each patient. She’s set to graduate in the 2022 Spring Term and is excited to start her career.

“I believe that in order to keep something, you have to give something away. So, through nursing and volunteer work I strive to give back what has been so freely given to me,” Emily says.