Finding homes for the neediest young people

March 11, 2014 -- The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) Heart Gallery holds three special private events each year where teens needing foster/adoptive families are introduced to adults licensed to adopt them. On March 15 CNM’s Workforce Training Center is partnering with CYFD to hold an adoption matching event at the school’s new baking and culinary lab in the Robert P. Matteucci Building on the Main Campus.

Jul 17, 2015

Foster children ages 13-17 from around the state will meet, mingle and take a class with potential adoptive families. During the class, adults will rotate among the teens while getting hands-on instruction from CNM’s School of Business & Information Technology Chef Julian Griego in the CNM Baking Lab. Once delectable creations are ready, there will be a lunch and cookie tasting.

 If interested in adopting a child in New Mexico, please go to and click on “events.” This will take you to a link where you can find the next free prospective parents’ orientation meeting in your area. After a few weekend classes and after filing some paperwork, you can offer your heart and your home to a young person in need. There is no charge to adopt a child from CYFD.

The Heart Gallery of New Mexico is a CYFD program created to raise awareness about older foster children and sibling groups in protective custody who are ready for adoption. Talented photographers donate their time to create compelling and unique portraits of the children, which appear in exhibits across the state as well as in the online Heart Gallery on the CYFD website,

New Mexicans interested in becoming adoptive or foster parents can call (800) 432-2075.