Graduates of CNM: Haley and David Gibson

This father-daughter duo graduated from CNM together on May 1
May 11, 2021

Haley Gibson had a virtual high school graduation last year because of COVID-19. Her dad David, who graduated high school back in 1992, didn’t have a high school graduation either because he had been homeschooled.

But thanks to some thoughtful planning by CNM staff, both Haley and David got to experience the joy of an in-person graduation when they participated in the CNM COVID-safe graduation celebration that the college held on May 1 in the Smith Brasher Hall parking lot. 

As part of the celebration, Haley and David were announced together. Haley received an associate in Communications and David received certificates in Digital Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategies.

“It was truly amazing to have an in-person walk. It felt like a real graduation walk with all the foam hands, high fives, and pictures with Sol,” David says. “And doing it with my daughter made it even cooler!”

During their time at CNM, Haley and David kept each other motivated. ““I couldn’t tell her to get busy without being busy myself,” David says. 

Haley says she helped her dad with online school. He’d never taken a remote class and needed her guidance to stay on track and ensure all his assignments were turned in correctly. “I had experience with online school, so I was happy to help,” Haley said.

Down the road, both Haley and David have big plans. Haley is currently enrolled at UNM and wants to get her MBA in Organizational Communications. David wants to use what he learned in the marketing programs to expand the presence of the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History,  where he works. He’s also thinking about taking more marketing classes at CNM. 

“I’m truly thankful that CNM helped me develop skills that I was immediately able to apply in the workplace,” David says. “Some of these skills I would learn one night and use them the next day. The wonderful instructors and program layout allowed me to continue my education and better myself in a way that was challenging, while providing the support to meet the challenge. I’m already looking forward to the next step.”