Graduates of CNM: Will Tafoya
Will is currently a licensed PTA at ATI Physical Therapy in Albuquerque.

Graduates of CNM: Will Tafoya

A recent grad of the Physical Therapist Assistant program, Will Tafoya has launched his career ‘to help people stay healthy and strong, and to help them continue to live their best lives.’
May 01, 2019

After graduating from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a concentration in exercise science, Will Tafoya wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. He caught wind of CNM’s new Physical Therapist Assistant program and knew that is was the right path for him.

“I’ve always had an interest in physical fitness,” says Will. “But I wanted to expand my scope of knowledge into a more clinically relevant field where I could actually help heal people who are injured.”

Will says that he initially wanted to apply to physical therapy school but CNM’s PTA Program was more affordable and would allow him to enter the workforce sooner. He worked as a PT Technician throughout his time in the PTA program, which provided him an inside look at the profession.

“As a PT Tech I was able to immerse myself in the field and show my employer that I was serious about becoming a PTA,” Will says.

He’s now a Physical Therapist Assistant for ATI Physical Therapy in Albuquerque.

Will’s interest in healthcare stems from his mother, who worked as one of Albuquerque’s top-rated anesthesiologists. He says that watching her grow as a professional and being recognized by the community boosted his motivation to apply to the PTA program.

“Growing up and seeing her passion for what she does really inspired me to want to help others,” says Will. “I’m truly honored and proud to call her my family.”


In addition to becoming a PTA, Will is also a certified personal trainer. He wants to continue to expand and share his knowledge in both physical therapy and physical fitness.

“They truly go hand-in-hand,” he says. “I’ve learned so much about the human body and how to properly apply stretching and exercising techniques to the individual needs of clients. The bottom line for me is to help people stay healthy and strong, and to help them continue to live their best lives.”

Will says that CNM’s PTA Program challenged him in a way that helped strengthen his resolve for life and elevated his intellect to a new level.

“There were times when the program was really hard,” he says. “The workload seemed like it would never end, but ultimately the experience helped me grow into a stronger, better version of myself.”

Will’s next venture is to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist, which requires extensive anatomy and physiology knowledge. He says the PTA program at CNM has given him what he needs to meet this new challenge and continue advancing in the field.

“I love physical therapy and I am grateful to have the opportunity to become a PTA so soon after graduation,” he says. “I want to eventually combine both of my passions for PT and fitness so that I can help a wider scope of people.”

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