ITS Launches New Apple Device Support Service
Lawrence Chavez and the Tech Support Team are happy to assist the CNM community with any ITS needs.

ITS Launches New Apple Device Support Service

Twenty of CNM’s Information Technology Services employees are now fully-certified Apple technicians and will be available to help troubleshoot problems and fix Apple devices.
May 30, 2019

Effective this week, the CNM Information Technology Services department will offer Apple device troubleshooting and software services to students, staff and faculty through the Technology and Services Training Center on Main Campus.

Twenty ITS employees are now certified and trained to troubleshoot and make basic software fixes to personal Apple devices. The newly trained desktop technician team can also make any hardware repairs for Apple devices owned by CNM.

“CNM students, faculty and staff can bring their CNM-owned apple devices to receive direct support from our certified and trained staff as opposed to going to the Apple Store or having to send the device away somewhere,” says Alex Silage, director of digital experience.

Our CNM Tech Support Team completed three different service level trainings, each through Apple’s thorough training system called ATLAS.

“The Apple training process was quite extensive,” says IT Tech Support Supervisor Lawrence Chavez. “We have access to Apple’s specific training program that they use to train their own people. Each training takes roughly about a month to complete.”

The Tech Support Team can help you update, install and uninstall software on your personal Apple devices. For CNM-owned Apple devices, they can fix any hardware issues including battery and screen replacement.  And if they can’t find a fix to your Apple device problems, which is highly unlikely, they will help expedite the scheduling process with the Apple Store.

“We are qualified to fix anything here. We can run hardware and software diagnostics on all systems,” says Lawrence. “If you’re having trouble accessing Blackboard (CNM Learn) on your Apple device or getting certain programs to work, we can help with that.”

Alex Silage, director of digital experience, takes a break from work and plays a virtual reality game during the Apple Services launch celebration.

Additionally, CNM’s Technology Service and Training Center offers many IT services including navigation issues with PCs. Inside the TSTC, the team showcases Apple and PC tech in case anyone wants to learn how to use these devices.

“We have our Apple TV here on showcase. So, if a faculty member wants to know how they can incorporate this technology into their curriculum, we can show them all the cool features it has to offer,” Lawrence says.

During the Apple service launch celebration, the team at the TSTC brought out their virtual reality technology for attendees to play with.

“We want the CNM community to know that we are here to help them with any computer service needs that they may encounter,” Alex says. “We are here to support the success of our students and to help faculty access different teaching tools that they may want to use.”

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