ParkMobile App Helps You Find a Space Quickly, Avoid Citations

January 15, 2019

Finding a parking space quickly on campus can be a challenge, especially if you are running late or have to trek across campus. Fret not, there’s an easy way to park close to your building. The ParkMobile App allows users to park in designated lots using a simple direct pay system.

The process is easy. To get started, download the app on your apple device or android for free. Next, find your desired parking spot on campus that has the designated signage for ParkMobile. Finally, enter the zone number into the app and decided what time you want to start your parking session and you are good to go.

ParkMobile lots are available at Main Campus (SSC Meters, SSC Lot, SB Lot and North Lot), Montoya Campus (South 1 Lot, TW Lot) and Westside Campus. The rates are very reasonable, ranging from $1.20 per hour to $1.75 an hour.

The ParkMobile app is available to everyone, not just CNM students. Please note that ParkMobile spots are designated with signage and CNM permits are not valid in those spaces. This user-friendly app is a great tool to have just in case you need to park in a pinch.

For more information regarding the ParkMobile App, contact CNM Parking Services at (505)224-4637.