The Power of Studying Abroad
CNM students at Iximché.

The Power of Studying Abroad

A group of CNM students just returned from an eye-opening trip to Guatemala
June 01, 2018

It’s one thing to study a country. It’s a whole other thing to actually go there. That’s what a group of 10 CNM students just learned after spending more than a week in and around Antigua, Guatemala as part of the three-credit LTAM 2096 class that was offered through CNM’s Latin American Studies department.

Led by instructors Brandon Morgan and Jessica Craig, the class was created through a partnership with UNM’s Latin American & Iberian Institute and CNM’s Global Education department. Morgan says he’s hoping a similar trip is offered next year as well.

“Instead of just learning about a country in the classroom, this was a way to immerse students in Guatemalan culture, history, and politics,” he says.

The class was also part of CNM’s larger push to internationalize the campus. By 2020, CNM hopes to have 5,000 students experience some kind of international exposure. That could be a Spanish or African Dance class here on campus, or it could be a trip abroad.

“As global education continues to grow, it will give our students an important and competitive global understanding of the world,” says Ari Rosner-Salazar, the Director of CNM’s Global Education program.

During the Guatemala trip students were constantly on the move. Highlights included a visit to the ancient Mayan archeological site at Iximché, a boat tour of the famous Lake Atitlán, and a cooking class where they learned how to make Pepián, a spicy meat stew.

This was the first time a couple of the students had been out of the country, and Morgan says the experience was educational for everyone involved.

“We can talk about Mayan history or Guatemalan food all we want, but being at the Mayan site or actually getting to taste the food is a whole other, much more important experience,” he says.

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