AmeriTowne Summer Camp Educates Kids on Economics
Kids in the AmeriTowne Camp learned about enterprise literacy, civics, community engagement and workforce development.

AmeriTowne Summer Camp Educates Kids on Economics

At the program's culminating event, students worked in business teams to run their own town of nine shops for a day.
August 01, 2019

Making a bank deposit or withdrawal may seem like a simple task for most adults, but for the kids enrolled in the CNM AmeriTowne Summer Camp, learning the importance of financial literacy was a relatively new frontier.

Last week in the conference room of Richard R. Barr Hall on Montoya Campus, a mock town square bustled with miniature townspeople. The AmeriTowne Summer Camp for 4th and 5th graders is a unique hands-on lesson in free enterprise that introduces kids to the basic principles of our economic system. Students learned about enterprise literacy, civics, community engagement and workforce development.

The kids got to see how bankers, vendors, reporters and town officials play key roles in the day-to-day functions of society.

According to AmeriTowne on the Road Program Director Chris O’Reilly, this is the third year that the AmeriTowne Camp has come to the Land of Enchantment from Denver, Colo. Chris says this camp fills an educational void when it comes to civics and financial literacy.

“We get a lot of parents telling us that their kids don’t get this kind of experience at school,” Chris says. “We are trying to mend a gap in these tangible, real-life skills like being an effective citizen in society, managing their own personal money, being part of a business team.”

The campers were tasked with balancing a set budget and learned how handle cash.

AmeriTowne Camp staff taught campers how to manage a set budget.

“I really learned a lot this week,” says one camper. “It’s like we get to be real adults for a week and have our own money to spend.”

CNM’s Director of Global Education, Ari Rosner-Salazar, said that his daughter has been an AmeriTowne camper since 2017, and this year his son was old enough to participate as well. Ari says that his kids gained valuable lessons about the importance of economics and financial literacy.

“As a parent and CNM employee, I appreciate that CNM is committed to the community and young kids,” Ari says. “The simulated economy really helped my kids to internalize these lessons through play.”

AmeriTowne police being sworn in at the ribbon cutting ceremony.