'CNM Flex' Offers an Accelerated Pathway to Graduation

CNM Flex allows students to progress at their own pace and advance to the next step through a demonstrated mastery of skill while taking advantage of a flat tuition rate.
July 17, 2019

CNM always strives to provide students with a variety of pathways that fit their individual needs as they pursue a life-changing certificate or associate degree. CNM Flex is a new, competency-based program that utilizes an educational method focuses on flexibility and personalization as an alternative to the traditional approach. With CNM Flex, students progress at their own pace as they gain a mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to move on to the next step.

The program enables students to leverage their prior knowledge and experiences to move quickly through material that they already know, while spending more time on the topics that require more learning.

"The rhythm of school has always been that you spend a standard amount of time in class, move onto the next level by earning passing grades, and then graduate when you have accumulated a set number of credit hours," says Fang Chen, associate dean for the School of Adult & General Education. "Competency-based education is designed to change that by measuring learning rather than time."

In the CNM Flex program, classes are online and last seven weeks. Students have the option to focus on one class at a time, progress through as fast as they are able to, and move onto the next class. CNM Flex charges a flat tuition for every seven-week session and students can complete as many credits as possible with no extra cost. The more credits completed in a session, the more time and money saved. The flat tuition rate also covers all books and materials needed for the classes.

"We want to provide flexibility for our students so that they can fit school into their busy lives. We want to deliver cost savings for students who can accelerate through the program," says Fang. "Last but not least, we want to create a rigorous learning experience where students are expected to reach high level of competencies in their areas of studies." 

For the 2019 Fall Term, CNM Flex is offering the Digital Media Marketing Certificate in partnership with Facebook. A recent report into hiring trends reveals a growing demand for digital marketing skills and the demand has outstripped supply. No matter the size of the business, a robust digital marketing strategy is crucial for the bottom line.

The CNM Flex Digital Media Marketing Certificate program is one of the first Facebook educational programs of its kind. The program will offer participants the chance to earn a CNM certificate and a Facebook certificate that will prepare them to succeed as professionals in digital marketing and social media strategy.

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