CNM Ingenuity, Mendology Form Public-Private Partnership

May 11, 2017 -- CNM Ingenuity, Inc., the 501(c)3 enterprise arm of Central New Mexico Community College, and Mendology, LLC, a New Mexico-founded startup, are teaming up to reinvent the delivery and quality of massage and manual (physical) therapy for professions such as physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, occupational therapists and clinicians.
CNM Ingenuity, Mendology Form Public-Private Partnership

May 10, 2017

CNM Ingenuity and Mendology are partnering to establish the Center of Excellence for Manual Therapy, which will be the first training program internationally to provide technology-based, standardized training on pressure and force manipulations supplemented with biometric data. The training system intends to remove subjectivity from manual therapy industries and replace it with evidence-based methods to improve effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction. The center will be located in CNM's AMREP Building in Rio Rancho. 

Mendology has developed patent-pending devices designed to train therapists to deliver consistent, high-quality treatment through evidence-based methodology, for the first time in the profession’s history. Currently, massage and manual therapy techniques are completely subjective and the amount of force and pressure used by therapists can vary wildly from therapist to therapist, resulting in inconsistent and too often ineffective results for customers.

Mendology’s “StandardTouch” system trains therapists on how to consistently deliver the same force and pressure to the body.  The StandardTouch device (patent pending) instantly measures force and pressure as the trainee delivers the massage maneuvers, providing real-time feedback.

Mendology’s Massage Companion Biometric System (patent pending) is a biometric, biofeedback system that measures nervous system activity and fluid exchange (such as in swollen joints) instantaneously on a monitor as the client is being massaged. Therapists and the clients can view the effects of the methods during treatment and over time in facilities such as hospitals, clinics and spas.

The innovative, groundbreaking system has the potential to revolutionize the massage and manual therapy industries, from clinical settings to resort spas. The American College of Physicians has also recommended the use of non-drug treatments for pain, including massage or manual therapy, as a way to combat the opioid epidemic, providing even more room for growth.

CNM Ingenuity will manage the Mendology training services, such as formal curriculum development, training management, facilities, instructors, online learning tools and other training logistics.

The CNM Ingenuity Center of Excellence for Manual Therapy will offer:

  • StandardTouch Corporate Training and Seminars
  • Massage Companion Biometric System Corporate Training and Seminars
  • Advanced Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Certifications – One-week, intensive programs to provide the skills and knowledge needed for employment in healthcare settings like outpatient rehabilitation, physical therapy and occupational clinics, assisted living, hospitals, mental health facilities, treatment facilities and more.

Advanced Certification Programs include:

  • Rehabilitation Massage Therapist Certification – Comprehensive certification and training for LMT integration in physical therapy and outpatient rehabilitation clinics.
  • Stress Mediation Massage Therapist Certification – Comprehensive certification and training for LMT integration in mental health and treatment facilities.
  • Clinical Massage Therapist Certification – Highly advanced and comprehensive certification and training program that combines the Licensed Massage Therapist Certification and the Rehabilitation Massage Therapist Certification. With the Clinical Massage Therapist Certification, a therapist can address a wide range of health disorders and diseases as part of a medical team treatment approach.

The goals for the CNM Ingenuity Center of Excellence for Manual Therapy are:

  • Establish best practices with evidence-based, standardized protocols for high-quality and efficient care, clinical excellence and high patient satisfaction.
  • Educate and train participants on best practices that are proven to be successful in improving quality while lowering costs.
  • Provide a platform for therapists, hospitals, health systems, outpatient rehabilitation clinics and private clinics to implement best practices for quality improvement and cost reduction while creating market differentiation with a highly reputable certification that symbolizes innovation, leadership and quality.